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Secret Of Good Health, Wellness & Happiness--How To Reduce Or Eliminate Stress In Your Life & Live Longer & Happy Life-- By Ikey Benney, CEO, Maychic Secret Laws Of Success (SLS) Empowerment Center

This article is about many different types of stress we experience in our lives, some causes of stress and how to eliminate them, secrets to reducing stress in your life, stress management and success in life, how to prevent stress from destroying your life and how to avoid stress in your daily life and some of the ways to reduce or eliminate them in order to succeed in achieving our ambitions in life and be happy
What is stress?
It is a feeling that causes a person to feel unpleasant, uncomfortable, nervous, and unable to perform normal daily activities at optimal level.
Stress affects our achievement, success and happiness in life.
Unfortunately, it is not like the other different types of illnesses or sicknesses we sometimes have because it can be subtle and difficult to detect.
This makes it very dangerous.
Many times, people are terribly stressed out and because it is ignored, sometimes it creates problems both in the body and mind that will require medications.
Many sicknesses and illnesses are caused by stress.
Therefore, they are symptoms of stress.
However, many times, the root, (which is stress,) is ignored while the symptoms which are the sicknesses are treated with medications.
Many medications don't cure any sickness.
They sweep it under the carpet of the body and mind.
The patient therefore, feels better and thinks wrongly that the sickness has gone away.
There can be many types and causes of stress.
For example, stress can be food and health related.
It can be caused by family and domestic quarrels and dispute, children, family financial hardship, debt, vehicle accidents, as a result of side effects of a medication.
Death of a loved one or in the family can cause stress.
The loss of a job or problems in a business can cause stress.
To have unrealistic expectations in life can cause stress.
New government laws, rules and regulations can cause stress.
Paying high tax can cause stress.
Feeling unsafe in a high crime neighborhood and city can cause stress.
To become pregnant can cause stress.
Having a baby can cause stress. It even has its own name, post-natal stress syndrome.
Old age can cause stress, due to changes in the body, loneliness, and fear of death.
One of these types of stress that women over 50 years in age suffer is called post-menstrual stress syndrome or PMS.
Soldiers can also experience over-powering stress and it is now called post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Life in general can be stressful.
You can have stress if you don't have money and material possessions and have to go on welfare to survive.
If you are from the middle class and you own your own business and home, you may not be able to escape from stress because you must work hard to succeed in your small business and sometimes you may have to spend most of your income to pay so many bills in order to maintain your standard of living.
An average person who is not even from middle class in any large American, European or even Asian city can be under tremendous amount of stress because of many reasons such waiting in long lines at the post office, banks, offices; traffic congestions, high rent for an apartment or mortgage, many loans to pay such as car, college, home, business and credit cards.
He or she cannot avoid paying so many monthly bills such as health insurance, life insurance, business insurance, cable TV, travel, household expenses, child support, alimony, college tuitions if you have teenage children in college or university, shopping, gas for car and its car as well as other expenses.
Being a college student and studying to pass your examinations can cause stress which you may not be consciously aware of.
One of the most conspicuous direct results of stress is hypertension or high blood pressure.

This sickness has been called a silent killer.
Even though stress alone may not predispose a person to have high blood pressure but it is one of the contributing factors.
The problem with a high blood pressure is that it is one of the risk factors to have stroke, paralysis, heart diseases, organ damages and a host of other psychological and medical problems.
Unfortunately, much of the time, the root cause, (stress) is ignored and instead, the by-products or symptoms are treated with medications.
There are many ways to reduce or eliminate stress.
Some can be direct and others indirect.
Sometimes, when the underlying root cause of some medical problems, (which is stress,) is eliminated, a person recovers quickly from the sickness.
If a person is having stress because of over-eating, food disorder, digestive problem, ulcer as well as overweight, just by changing the diet, eating a balanced and nutritious meal, reducing the food portions and doing physical exercises could help reduce or eliminate stress.
If stress is coming from a marriage, seeing a marriage counselor to help mediate and resolve whatever the problem in the marriage is, can reduce the stress and make the spouses fall in love with each other all over again.
If stress is coming from a job or career, it can be reduced or eliminated by changing the job or career.
Millions of people are stuck in jobs and careers that they hate which consequently cause them stress that can create debilitating illnesses.
It is better to feel happy doing the job you like even for less pay, than doing a job you hate.
If stress is coming from medication that you may be taking, let your doctor know about it so that it can be changed and your stress will go away.
If stress is coming from your education at college, you can create a study group, made up of some of your classmates so that all of you can study together and help each other.
In addition, you may change your major if you think the stress is coming from your course work.
If you are lonely and have no friends and it is causing you stress, the solution will be to make new friends.
The internet is filled with millions of lonely people and you can get online at or Facebook and immediately some people will desire to chat with you.

There are people everywhere you go, who can become your friends.
The problem may not be in finding friends but in finding good ones.
Also, the problem may be also that you lack people or social skills.
If that is so, you should brush up on your people's skills and the problem of finding new and good friends and stress will disappear.
If your problem is due to being in debt and financial, you can eliminate it by making more money.
Besides your job, there are millions of different money making programs; especially the affiliate programs, that will help you generate residual and passive incomes, without any hard work or large investment.
If you're having business problems and it is the cause of your stress, you may tackle it by consulting with business people who are more experienced than you to help you figure out and solve your business problems.
You may also enroll in a business course at any nearby college to acquire more business education to help you succeed more.
There are many ways that you can eliminate or reduce any type of stress that you may have that is the indirect cause of your present ailment or impeding your progress in life.
Some of these are taking safe anti-anxiety medications, psychotherapy, yoga, martial arts, yoga, relaxation, tai chi, sports, dieting, stopping abuse of addictive drugs, stop drinking alcoholic drinks, listening to music, movies, reading, blogging, jogging, working out in the gym, try out new fashion, go on picnics with friends, hiking, travel, move into a new apartment, new city or a smaller town or city, relocate to a new country, massaging, swimming, acupuncture, acupressure, try playing guitar or learn how to do so, try singing and many others.
May this article about some of the causes of stress and how to eliminate them, secrets to reducing stress in your life, stress management and success in life, how to prevent stress from destroying your life and how to avoid stress in your daily life, help you to reduce or eliminate any stress you may presently have in your life and give you a new lease in life filled with abundant wealth, success, prosperity, good health and happiness; stress factors, risks, heart attack, hypertension, high blood pressure, anger management, job stress, family, health, career, business, financial, social, debt, children, pregnancy, marital, wedding, divorce, dating, yoga, tai chi, mediation, acupuncture, meditation, economic, life, financial, medication, travel, depression, gardening, change of environment, psychiatry, hospital, clinic, welfare, age, joblessness, homelessness, psychology, art therapy, counseling session, work out in the gym, martial arts, recreation, photography, networking, online chatting, dating, networking, pets, music, movies, making friends, stress reduction techniques, tension, stroke, headache, stomach ache, alcoholism, drug addiction, self help ebooks, self discipline, coaches, gurus, teachers, education, jogging, swimming, sports, healthy diet, vitamins, reading, writing, blogging, picnic, relaxation.
Ikey Benney, Founder,
Maychic Secret Laws Of Success (SLS) Empowerment Center

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