Monday, January 24, 2005

What’s A Girl’s Best Friend, Horses Or Diamonds?

Can you answer that?

Some fashion magazines, writers and movies will tell you that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – but not in my case and here is why…

Hi, my name is Linda Shute from New Jersey, and here is why riding horses is one of my greatest passions in life…

As a child I think I was born with horses on my brain, they’ve always been in my life and very close to me in many ways.

Before I was old enough to drive I was very mobile because of my horses.

My uncle gave me my first pony Trotter, his color was chocolate palomino, he had no pedigree to speak of just your above average pony.

Trotter was very dear to me until I out grew him. He would perform under saddle or in harness. I started out riding western because it was the most popular where I live.

Sometimes I would ride bareback and jump over small obstacles in the yard.

Self made fences like two columns of a few baskets or boxes piled up with a broom across the top. Not much to look at, but creative enough for an eight year old kid and it served my purpose besides; Trotter didn’t care what it looked like.

Mom wasn’t to happy a few times when we miscalculated and broke the broom handle then she had to go buy new broom to sweep the floor.

Trotter took me all over, sometimes I would ride him and we would go out roaming around for four or five hours we would travel ten or fifteen miles from home.

I would cut through farmers’ fields always careful to stay on the edge as not to harm their crops that were growing. My favorite ride in the summer was towards the small town of Swedesboro through the peach and apple orchards.

A diamond can’t take me to the orchards or share a piece of fruit with me.

As a small girl of eight or ten nothing was sweeter than a fresh apple or peach eaten on top of my pony. I would take a bite and give the rest to him, then pick another. I felt like the world was at my finger tips.

Trotter gave me freedom to explore the world he fed my sense of adventure.

Sometimes I didn’t feel like riding or a friend would go with me, since I didn’t want him carrying two us for that long I would hook him up to the cart and harness and drive him.

The only way a diamond can provide freedom is if you sell it for a high price and use the money to escape from something.

How can a diamond feed your sense of adventure? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like diamonds. They do have a big sparkle and look nice. They can also be very expensive. I have a few, and I used my “secret cash machine” to get them. (I will reveal what is my “secret cash machine” later at the bottom of this story)

As I got older I out grew Trotter and sadly had to sell him for a bigger horse.

I still remember the person that bought Trotter coming to the house to pick him up. We loaded him into the back of his pick-up truck and Trotter was screaming (whinnying) and kicking he didn’t want to leave, my heart was being ripped out, yet I couldn’t keep two animals and I needed a bigger mount.

It was a hard lesson learned. Horses also taught me responsibility because they needed to be fed and cared for everyday morning and night.

Since then I have bought, sold and raised about fifteen horses. One of my favorites was Friday’s Anthem. As a girl of sixteen I won the “Rookie of the Year” award for the “Girls Rodeo Association” Eastern Chapter. One of my prizes was a free stud fee to a quarter horse stallion.
I bred my mare and the colt was born on Good Friday. I named him Fridays’ Anthem. I trained him for English and Western riding and showed him at local quarter horse shows I eventually sold him for $2500.

The horse shows taught me to strive to achieve more. Observe the competition and see what they are doing, what does the judge like, who is being pinned higher than we are. Train your horse different get him to perform different or better.

A diamond can’t teach you that.

I lived in the country and our nearest neighbor was about 3/4 of a mile away.

My relationship to my Horses was the same like that of a close friend.

They each have their own personalities and temperaments just like people.

They show their feelings in their eyes and ears. If they’re having a bad day when you go to the stable you may find a tail in the doorway instead of a face. When you enter the stall you may find ears laid back on the neck instead of pricked forward you learn to read their body language.

They have dreams just like we do. I remember this Standard bred race horse I was taking care of, a trotter named Noble Tryst. He was good enough to race in The Hamiltonian. He would take a nap every afternoon; he would stretch out in his stall and sometimes have dreams. He looked like a big dog; he would kick his feet and make noises. You don’t see this very often in horses. I never saw a diamond with a personality.

One day when I was working on the race track I was standing in front of this filly and yawned.

Then the filly yawned, the one in the next stall yawned, and so it went down the length of the barn – just like people do.

When you’re riding or working a horse and ask for more they will give you their best and then some. How do you ask a diamond for more and receive it?

If you’re having a bad day you can wrap your arms around your horse's neck and hang on to something and they can turn their head toward you and wrap you into their neck like a hug. I’d like to see a diamond do that!

They’ll listen until you’re tired of talking or crying which ever the case may be.

Horses can be expensive, the initial cash outlay for the purchase and the ongoing upkeep. Now you can go out and buy a grade horse, buy that I mean your average run of the mill un-registered horse for around $500- $1000. But, if you want high quality pure bred stock with a pedigree you can be talking big bucks just like in diamonds. This can be hard to come by unless you have a “secret cash machine”, like mine to help you out with the expenses.

I used my “secret cash machine” this morning for an hour and a half and made $4500 with just a few click of my mouse! It felt so good to crank out some extra cash.

Here’s how I came across this wonderful “secret cash machine”.

A couple of years ago, I started re-searching the internet, looking for home based business opportunity to help me supplement my income from my job.

I found and tried different kinds of online businesses, affiliate programs and investment programs such as Network Marketing, Real Estate, Stock trading, MLM, and other internet business opportunities.

Many of these home based business opportunities are good, but you must be a very good salesperson and be willing to pour in $3000 monthly in marketing expenses before you may succeed in them.

I am neither an excellent salesperson nor could I afford $3000/monthly marketing expenses to promote any program.

Besides, most internet promotions: bulk e-mailing, banner ads, traffic exchange, e-zine ads don’t work well anymore.

Even a simple thing like getting online is no longer easy and is now filled with hassles because you’ve many pop-up ads intruding on you and many worms and spywares automatically infecting and crashing your computer.

It is no longer easy or fun to earn an income with any program on the internet or even to just surf the internet.

But one day when I was about to give up and forget all about online business, by chance, I stumbled to this little known website, that promotes a program called “Mscsrrr, Millionaire Secret Cash System”.

Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System is a little known internet investment opportunity created by I-key Benney, a millionaire Ceo from New York.

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The first time I tried “Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System”, I made $500 in a few minutes, without any large investment or special training or hassles.

I was hooked!

The beauty of Mscsrrr, make money online program is that there is no selling or marketing involved and you don’t need any office or inventory or to speak to anyone to do Mscsrrr, make money online. You can do it from home or office, anywhere in the world, 24 hrs, and 365 days. And its 100% legal, easy, guaranteed and fun!

To me, as a single mom, this is the most outstanding and exciting internet business opportunity discovery I have ever made. It is like getting “manna” from heaven for all single moms and parents out there! Yoo-hoo, spread the word! Let the good times begin…

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I feel like screaming!

Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming and this is for real.

I consider the day I stumbled to this home based business opportunity program, the luckiest day of my life in recent times.

And what is unique and fun about Mscsrrr financial investment which fascinates me is that you can put it in an autopilot mode and forget it.

Go to work. Go to sleep or go have a launch. While you’re gone, it will keep spitting out fast easy cash for you, just like a personal, home “ATM machine”

I get up at 6 am in the morning. I turn my computer on and click my mouse three times to put Mscsrrr, Millionaire Secret Cash System in an autopilot mode.

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This sounds too good to be true and yet it is true, my friend. It works better than magic. It is like having a license to legally print as much greenback as you can spend!

Perhaps, you may now understand why I am excited, jumping up and down like a teenager and why I have decided to write this article to talk about my discovery.

Feel free to print this article and pass it on to all your friends and well wishers! Help them.
I feel like Oprah Winfrey and on top of the world. All my debts and stress are gone. I wish you’re with me here, right now to see the big smile on my face as I write this.

Here is what I-key, (the creator of Mscsrrr) has to say about this make money online opportunity, “Mscsrrr, home based business opportunity, is the best kept “Secret” of the rich and powerful, international bankers, the money elite, who own and control all the banks, companies, corporations and foundations in the world.

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At this point, I can guess you’ll be expecting me to recommend Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System, make money online to the whole world?

Sorry, but I will not do that. But before you scream S&#!?%! at me, hear me out.

My reason is that most people lack self-discipline and control and if they are lucky to get their hands on Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System, make money online and make too much cash too soon, they may get lazy and quit their jobs and then begin drinking, gambling and loafing around. This may then cause more problems in their lives.

For this reason, I will recommend Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System to only responsible matured adults (especially single moms and parents out there) who have self-discipline and control and who will not let all the bundles of cash they could make from Mscsrrr Millionaire Secret Cash System get into their heads.

If you believe you are a matured adult, with a hot ambition to finally succeed at last; who is tired of financial hardships in life and also tired of making excuses and who can handle a lot of cash that comes in very fast from Mscsrrr, home business and who will not waste or use it wrongly, then Mscsrrr home based business opportunity, Millionaire Secret Cash System may be the golden key that will open the floodgate of cash for you. And I recommend it to you.

Here is a little tip off: The other day, while I was on the phone with I-key (the creator) he mentioned that in 1-2 months he plans to discontinue with publicly marketing Mscsrrr.

I-key, a reclusive, quiet but busy millionaire has made his money already. He conducts businesses in 5 countries of the world and has assets in at least 5 countries and associates and friends in almost every country of the world.

He wants to pull it off from the public and make it available only to his close associates and friends all over the world because he is afraid of some unknown people getting and using this “secret” home based business program to make too much money too fast and misuse or abuse their wealth and the power it will give them.

Money and power corrupt and absolute money and power corrupt absolutely.

I don’t doubt I-key’s motive because when you try Mscsrrr, home based business opportunity, make money online, you will agree it can generate too much cash too soon which may be too much for a lot of people to handle!

Nevertheless I hope I-key will be kind enough to make it accessible to the general public a little bit longer to benefit a lot more people, especially single parents and moms.

Warmly with a big smile,

Linda Shute

Linda Shute is a single career mom and homeowner from New Jersey who was lucky to discover “Mscsrrr, Millionaire Secret Cash System” a year ago, and has since succeeded in creating financial security and shinning success from using it. Please read the details at:


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